Welcome to Trassig. Our products have been heavily tested over the years. Our maintenance products ship within a day or two to every corner of the U.S. and Canada, and the moment you order them you are paired with an actual installer that can guide you through prep, application, and clean up. Everyone at Trassig is an installer with an average experience of 15 years in the field. So you will always get the help you need. If you need any assistance ordering online please call us now at: 203-659-0456.
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How to repair your poured in place rubber playground flooring surface
How to apply poured in place rebinder to extend the lifespan of your playground rubber flooring surface and stop granulation
How to prepare your site for the installation of playground safety surfacing materials
How to repair synthetic turf for all turf surfacing areas
How to install synthetic turf for all turf surafcing areas. Playgrounds, sports fields etc.
How to apply poured in place extender to increase the lifespan of your poured in place rubber surface and fix any existing damage
How to seam sythetic turf with specially formulated turf glue and turf seaming tape
How to repair the base layer of your poured in place safety surfacing system to keep your playground flooring functional and protective