Playground Repairs

Playground Repair services


Please note that Trassig does not engage in any type of repair without a benchmark inspection or audit. This is done to protect you and us from liability claims, as repairing one piece of equipment and neglecting others can leave both client and vendor open to legal claims should an accident happen.  We are also limited to a small geographic area where we can perform the repair.

Playground safety can be compromised over time, whether it is due to frequent use or weather, as even the best equipment wears down and begins to break. Broken playgrounds are not only less entertaining for kids, but they pose serious injury risks. Maintaining equipment on your playground is a key part of what keeps it safe and reliable for your community. Injuries can be avoidable when playgrounds are taken care of and repaired by professionals. 

Here at Trassig, we want to ensure that your playground is up to code in its entirety which is why we also inspect every playground that we see for repairs. We believe that making one repair to one piece of equipment without inspecting the rest of the site is irresponsible on our part because it leaves other existing safety problems unaddressed. It can lead to avoidable injuries or death and it can also leave you and your organization open to expensive, complicated lawsuits. Our team does not want any kind of safety problem to fall through the cracks.

We want to ensure that every part of your playground is safe, fun, and up to code. We fix broken equipment, patch safety surfacing, and we have years of expertise in ASTM code compliance. Doing inspections alongside repairs is the best strategy for thorough risk management. By providing you with the best advice possible, Trassig is able to keep your playground functional, fun, and as safe as possible.


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