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Poured in Place Rubber

Our bulk bags of pip rubber are perfect for experienced contractors looking to complete large Poured in Place Safety Surface repairs.

If you need to repair smaller holes or cracks in your Poured in Place Surface or you do not have experience working with the materials, head on over to our selection of Poured In Patch Kits. They are an easy DIY solution for all playground owners.

If the granules of your existing Poured In Place Safety Surface are coming loose or you are seeing signs of UV damage, our Poured In Place Rebinder will rejuvenate and seal your surface in order to extend its lifespan for many years to come.    





Poured in Place Rubber Gallery

Click here to download coverage calculator PDF.

Poured In Place Rubber (7)

Color EPDM Granules - Five 55lb Bags (275 lbs)


Black EPDM Granules - Five 55lb Bags (275 lbs)


Base Layer Binder - 5 Gallons


Aromatic Binder - 5 Gallons


Rubber Surface Aromatic Binder - 1 quart


Aliphatic Binder - 5 Gallons


Base Layer Buffings - Ten 50lb Bags (500 lbs)