Pool Apron Kits

Trassig's Pool Apron system will give your pool deck a brand new look and overhaul at a fraction of the cost it would take to rip up the concrete. We offer five mixes that will look great alongside your pool. When combined with our aliphatic binder, the chlorine will not break it down and the granules will not change color. Our EPDM is dust-free and of the highest quality, you can find.

Use Trassig's Pool Apron to:

  • hide ugly cracks around your pool
  • provide skid resistance even while wet
  • create fall protection for kids and the elderly

Please call Trassig at 203 659 0456 or email us at info@trassig.com if you have any further questions.


Before using a pool apron kit.


After using a pool apron kit to fix After using a pool apron kit to fix After using a pool apron kit to fix

The following is a chart to help you decide how many 55lb bags and 5-gallon pails of aliphatic binder to buy. You can start with a small area using the Pool Apron Kits, which come preformulated for you, if you would like to try out our product.

Pool apron poured in place rubber

Pool Apron Kits (6)

DIY Quick Pool Apron Kit


DIY Value Pool Apron Kit


DIY Jumbo Pool Apron Kit


DIY Giant Pool Apron Kit


55 lb Bag Pool Apron Mix - 27.5 sq ft


Aliphatic Binder - 5 Gallons