When it comes to maintaining your Poured in Place Rubber Surface, we offer three amazing solutions.

    1. Poured in Place Rebinder™: This product is for early-stage deterioration. As soon as you begin to see granulation (rubber granules come loose when you scuff your foot along the surface) apply a coat of Rebinder to seal your surface back together. Our Rebinder will also rejuvenate the granules, reversing UV damage and renewing the colors once again.
    2. Poured in Place Rebinder B™: The rebinder's twin brother made with Aromatic binders instead of Aliphatic. The Rebinder B does everything the Rebinder does expect it will slightly amber PIP surfaces temporarily. This will be seen more in lighter colors than others so make sure you reach out to your Trassig ICS for clarifications or questions. 
    3. Poured in Place Extender™: This product is for late-stage deterioration. If your surface is beyond both early-stage granulation and mid-stage patching, you can use our Liquid Rubber solution to seal your surface closed with a thick rubber film to prolong its lifespan.

Poured In Rubber Conditioners (4)

Poured in Place Rebinder™


Poured in Place Extender™


Poured in Place Rebinder B™


Poured in Place Rebinder™ 2 Gallon Pail