When it comes to maintaining your Poured in Place Rubber Surface, we offer two amazing conditioners.

    1. Poured in Place Rebinder™: This product is for early-stage deterioration. As soon as you begin to see granulation (rubber granules come loose when you scuff your foot along the surface) apply a coat of Rebinder to seal your surface back together. Our Rebinder will also rejuvenate the granules, reversing UV damage and renewing the colors once again.
    2. Poured in Place Extender™: This product is for late-stage deterioration. If your surface is beyond both early-stage granulation and mid-stage patching, you can use our Liquid Rubber solution to seal your surface closed with a thick rubber film to prolong its lifespan.

Poured In Rubber Conditioners (2)

Poured in Place Rebinder™


Poured in Place Extender™