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We inspect playgrounds all over New England. An experienced and certified playground inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of all playground equipment and safety surfacing to ASTM and CPSC standards. If there are any code issues, you will receive a written report with pictures listing all hazards prioritized in the following manner:

Priority 1 Safety Concern:  Non­compliant safety concern that may result in permanent disability, loss of life or body part. Condition should be corrected immediately.
Priority 2 Safety Concern:  Non­compliant safety concern that may result in temporary disability. Condition should be corrected as soon as possible.
Priority 3 Safety Concern:  Non­compliant safety concern that is likely to cause a minor (non­disabling) injury.  Condition should be corrected when time permits.
Priority 4 Safety Concern:  Non­compliant safety concern whose potential to cause an injury is very minimal. Condition should be corrected if it worsens.
Priority 5 Safety Concern:  The item has been determined to be compliant with the owner/operator’s operating policy and standard of care. Continued ongoing preventive maintenance is recommended.

The findings are shared with you only. We will not share your report with anyone else without your permission.

If there are no hazards, you will get a compliance letter for your records and any agency that asks for it. If any agency disputes had any prior conflicting reports, they can call us directly. We can explain the findings to them in a way they understand.

Following the report, you get a phone consultation (Included in the price) on how to remedy any issues that came up in the inspection. During the phone consultation, the inspector will also point out any issues that are compliant now but might be an issue later on and therefore they need to be watched or addressed.

Also included in your fee is one year of free consultation should you have any questions or concerns that might come up later.

To get a quote or schedule your next playground inspection email us with pictures and address of your play area at If you have any questions, call us at: 203-659-0456


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How a Playground Safety Inspection is Done:

  1. You send us pictures and address of your play area. We send you a quote.
  2. Upon approval, we schedule your inspection with you.
  3. A certified playground inspector (CPSI) arrives at your location to conduct the safety inspection. The playground inspector uses gauges and probes outlined by CPSC and ASTM to inspect the playground equipment. Please note that you do not have to be present at the time of the inspection. You do have to let constituents / teachers know what is going on so they are not alarmed. 
  4. A detailed report is sent to you. The report prioritizes all the hazards found, together with pictures showing the hazards
  5. The playground inspector is available to answer questions or go into more details about ways to improve the playground and make it safer for the kids.



Call 203-659-0456 or email to schedule your playground inspection.


If you have gotten a quote from us, you can use this payment page to pay for your inspection.