Our Process

Whether you call us, text us, email us or visit us in person, we always respond to you in a timely manner and listen to whatever needs you have. Here are ways you can get in touch with us:

  •  Phone: 203-659-0456. You will be connected to a certified playground 
    inspector who understands all ASTM and CPSC codes pertaining to playground equipment and safety surfacing. They can help you find the right product for whatever project you are working on. If all of our inspectors are on the road doing inspections and no one is available to talk to you, we will take your info and get back to you the same day or the day after.
  • Email: info@trassig.com. Emailing us is a great way to send us your pictures and layouts. We can review them as a team and get back to you in about 24 hours with recommendations for the best products for your problems and concerns. Make sure you include the address of your playground and the best phone number for us to reach you with.
  • Text: 203-200-7881. This is an easy way for you to ask any quick questions that you have for us.
  • Fax: 203-549-0409. If you have documents you don’t want to scan and email, you can always fax them to us instead.


We cover a large geographic area (New England), so we can't possibly visit every site of every client that calls us. We will if we have to. In the meantime, there are tools that allow us to look at your site remotely and combined with phone conversations and a few shared pictures, there is a lot that can be done. We promise we will spend time looking at your specific problems and using our decades of experience as playground inspectors and installers to find the best solution to your problem. What we might recommend you do for any improvement, repairs, or upgrades to your playground is hire us to conduct an initial safety inspection. Playground inspections are affordable and generate a written report that acts as a benchmark document against which all future work is based. This document also shows that you have gone through the proper process to ensure your playground is safe for use. Visit our Inspection page here for more information.





After a couple of decades in the business, we decided to only do a few installs a year. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day and days in the year to satisfy all the demands we get to install the products we sell. We will of course always do the repairs that result from inspections so that we can bring you up to code and we’ll tell you how to do the repairs we can’t do. This way, we can both save time and money. If we can't do your install and you need someone for an installation, here are your options:


  • Cheapest - Do it yourself and ICS
For some site amenities, small sets, repair kits, or for surfacing small areas, we assign you an install care specialist (ICS). You can call them with any questions before or the day of the install. We will also provide you with detailed installation manuals and how-to videos. 

  • Moderate Cost - Handyman and ICS
You find a local, trusted handyman that has the skill set needed for the type of application you need to be done (we recommend that you use Angie's List, another trusted site, or word-of-mouth to find an honest and insured person to do the work). Any poured in surface repair, for example, can be done by landscapers, stone masons, or anyone else that has finished concrete. An ICS at Trassig will be assigned to your installer to directly assist them via phone or video conferencing.

  • High cost Installation Company
If we can't do the install, we try to provide you with a list of companies that install equipment and surfacing in your area. 


If you are reaching out to us to for a playground inspection or audit, we will ask for the following so we can generate a quote for you:

    1. The address of the playground
    2. Pictures or layouts of the playground

Our inspectors are highly qualified and are trained to spot deficiencies in your playground surfacing and equipment. They will generate a report that prioritizes hazards and will explain exactly what problems they find with the playground. We then follow up with you about how to remedy these deficiencies and bring everything up to code. We hold all the insurance coverage that is needed for playground inspections and audits -something you should be asking for from any inspector that you hire- including liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, and commercial auto insurance. For more information on inspections visit our playground inspections page.

We offer audits, consulting, and ADA audits to anyone who wants to make sure their playground plans are up to code before their project starts. This is a great way for contractors, architects, organizations, businesses, and municipalities to avoid costly repairs later on. Audits are priced on an hourly basis and involve a retainer. Send us your playground plans and we will respond to you with quotes based on the scope of the project. For more info visit our playground off-site audit page.


We offer online and in-person training on a variety of subjects so that you can learn more about playground maintenance, codes, and risk management. For more information visit our playground code training page.