Playground Rubber Flooring Repair Kits

Our playground rubber surface repair kits offer the best and easiest way to repair holes and cracks in your playground poured in place rubber surface. Each kit comes with the perfect ratio of rubber granules and binder to mix and apply onsite. You can use our repair kits to do the following:

  • Fill holes in your wear and base layer
  • Fill Cracks in your poured in place rubber surface
  • Fill seams in your surface 
  • Fill perimeter gaps in your rubber surface that appear due to shrinkage.
Download the SDS sheets for our patch kits here.

There are two layers in every Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing System, the Base Layer (Impact attenuation layer) which consists of black SBR buffings, and the Wear Layer which consists of EPDM granules in your choice of color.

playground flooring repair kits

Often times, you only need to patch the wear layer, but if the damage continues into the base layer, you will have to patch that first. You cannot use wear layer patch kits to patch base layer damage.

Important install note: Look for a dry day with a temperature of 40 degrees minimum to patch. If you are expecting rain in a few hours, do not attempt the repair. Also note that our repair kits come with a standard aromatic binder. Aromatic binders do amber/yellow certain colors. The yellowing effect is temporary but if you would like to upgrade to a clear binder, call us at: 203-659-0456.

We also recommend that you rebind your playground's surface with our Poured in Place Rebinder every once in a while to prevent damage and avoid patching.

To order your rubber surface repair kit:
1. Choose the color you would like from our products below. 
2. Select the size you need from the options underneath each product and click "Add to Cart"
If you have any specific questions about prep, install, cleanup or anything related to your site, feel free to call one of our install specialists at: 203-659-0456. It would help if you could text or email pictures of your surface to 203-200-7881 or

Poured in Repair Kits (52)

Poured in Repair Kit - Base Layer


Poured in Repair Kit - Black


Poured in Repair Kit - Green / Black


Poured in Repair Kit - Green


Poured in Repair Kit - Blue / Black


Poured in Repair Kit - Blue


Poured in Repair Kit - Light Blue / Black


Poured in Repair Kit - Light Blue


Poured in Repair Kit - Red / Black