How does the weather affect my poured in rubber surface?

Here are ways the weather will affect your poured in place rubber surface:

1) Cold weather will contract your rubber surface leading to gaps in the perimeter of the surface or around the play set. When that happens you have to patch the poured rubber to fill the gaps. 

2) Hot weather might make the surface too hot, especially if you are using black EPDM exclusively. Make sure you test the surface before you let the kids out. 

3) While Rain will not affect your poured in surface, it can shorten its shelf life if they poured in system is installed on crushed stone that doesn't allow for adequate drainage or on concrete that is not pitched, letting water sit for a period of time. 

4) While snow will not directly affect the poured in rubber surface, getting rid of it the wrong way might damage it. Do not use metal shovels to move the snow. Those might act as blades cutting the EPDM granules of the wear layer.

5) Frost is also one of those things that can lift your poured in surface if drainage is not planned for.