How do I store poured in place material before use?

One of the most frequent failures in poured in place rubber installations results from the way the material is stored before use.

- Binders, aromatic or aliphatic, and including rebinders or any type of conditioner should be stored indoors in temperatures 50 degrees of higher. The original pail should be sealed with no visible damage or leaks. So what can happen with binders if they are stored in low temperatures? They congeal on you. They become a solid mess. Worse if they are not congealed, but they do have clusters in them, those clusters will be almost impossible to remove after they are troweled.


- EPDM and SBR bags can absorb moisture so it is best to store them indoors if possible. If they are stored outside a couple days before the install, make sure the bags are not punctured and make sure they are wrapped up with heavy duty shrink wrapping and covered with a tarp. What can happen if moisture gets in the EPDM or SBR bags? when you mix them with the binder you will experience foaming, which is generally bad. In addition, a frozen EPDM bag will be one solid block, you will have to warm it and make sure it is granulated before you use it.

Careful storage can go a long way in insuring  a successful install. If you have any questions about storing poured in place rubber material please give me a call at 203-659-0456 or email me at