how to sanitize outdoor playground equipment using our playground sanitizer

Although you might think it's a new notion to sanitize your playground equipment and surfacing, the practice was done and necessary for as long as playground equipment and safety surfacing existed. We are not talking about cleaning the equipment which is done infrequently through either wiping it down with household detergents or power-washing it. We are talking about a playground sanitizing process that kills germs and viruses. It's only with the spread of covid 19 that sanitizing playgrounds has become a priority and of course a prerequisite to opening up playgrounds. 

One of the most frequent question we receive is "How often should I be sanitizing my playground?" The answer is "as often as you possible can. Some park agencies sanitize once a day, other daycare sanitize a few times a day. Frequency is going to depend on how many kids use your playground equipment and how often they do. Recent studies are showing that Corona is short lived on playground equipment. But still sanitizing your playground as often as possible is good practice. Fortunately, or playground sanitizing system is easy to use an makes the whole process a breeze. Here how you sanitize your playground equipment using our playground sanitizer:

  • Open the capsule chamber in the sanitizing dispenser.
  • Insert one of the capsules and close shut the dispenser.
  • Connect the dispenser to any garden hose.
  • Aim at the playground equipment or safety surfacing you want to sanitize
  • Let the water sit for a few minutes before you dry it and let the kids play on the surface
  • Every capsule gives you three hour of sanitizing and you can drain the dispenser and resume use again.

If you have any questions about sanitizing your playground or sanitizing your safety surfacing, our experts are here to help. Call us at 203-659-0456

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