Running track Repair. You can do it. And you can do it yourself.

So you started noticing cracks in your running track, or worse entire chunks of rubber are missing from your running track surface. Immediately you start thinking about the cost of redoing the track, which is astronomical these days. You wonder if there is a way to repair the damage to breath a few more years into your running track. You make a few calls to companies that install tracks and realize quickly that no one wants to travel hundreds of miles to repair holes. Typically, if the holes are left untreated, they become bigger. Eventually, the entire surface is compromised and you have to redo the entire track.

Chunks of running track damage

There is an alternative though. We have designed do-it-yourself running track repair kits that a kid can install. Literally. We have done it. The kits come in just the right amount of granules and binder to fill a certain square footage of damage. Most importantly, we are hear to guide you over the phone if you ever need more detailed help, or if you are doing larger repairs. We offer 4 standard repair colors: Red, Black, Red, and Blue. But we can send you 12 more.

 hand repaired track using DIY running track repair kit

Once you receive the kit from us, which usually ships the same day or the day after order (and we ship throughout the US and Canada) just pick a nice warm and dry day to repair your track. Most failed attempts to repair are a result of picking too cold  a day (Less than 32 degrees F) or a rainy day. (The binders we send you do not interact well with water.) If it is a large crack you are repairing you will need to enlarge it a bit with a utility knife. If it is an intact hole, you can fill it as is, if the borders of the hole are flailing or not stable, you will need to enlarge the hole as well. All the cutting and prep work as to be done before you mix your EPDM with the binder. Some priming has to be done especially yon the borders to ensure a good bond. You can use whatever is left in the can to prime the surface. If it's a large surface, we recommend you get extra primer. 

When all the prep is done, you thoroughly mix the EPDM and binder in a bucket using a paddle mixer or a stick, or in a wheelbarrow if you are working with larger quantities. (We offer 2.5 sf, 5 sf, 10 sf, and 20 sf variations). You will fill the hole and then trowel it down using a round edge trowel. We have a few dozen videos in our knowledgebase that will show you how to trowel. Of course you can call any of our experts anytime for further help. It's important to lubricate the trowel after every few passes so the granules don't stick to it. When you are done, secure the area for 24 hours and let it cure. 

Repairing running tracks is not that complicated. Why, because we just made it easy. You can order your running track repair kit here. If you have any questions, call us at 203-659-0456 or email us at