What tools do I need to invest in to work with poured in rubber professionally?

So you have done a few playground rubber repairs, or maybe sealed a few playground surfaces and you are now considering going into the poured in business. Which tools should you be your first investment? Here a list of must have tools in the poured in business.

  1. Mortar Mixer: Get one that can handle two 55 pound bags of EPDM at the same time. 
  2. Drill paddle mixer: You will need this to dilute some of the binders for priming.
  3. Lots of latex gloves. If you have done this already, you know that if the binders get on your skin, they stay.
  4. Xylene or lacquer thinner to clean your mixer and tools.
  5. Some good rounded trowels.
  6. Spray bottles to fill with soap and water to lubricate towels.
  7. Digital fish scale to measure binder.
  8. The right thickness pipes and lumber to use as gauge.
  9. Good leaf blower to blow off loose granules when you are doing recaps.
  10. Plenty of tarps to protect your rubber from impending rain.

poured in rubber installation

Finally, and this goes without saying it, a reputable supplier of rubber and binder. The supplier should not only be able to sell you the stuff but should be knowledgeable about the product and installation process. If you have any questions about playground rubber and binder supplies please call us at: 203-659-0456 or email us at info@trassig.com