Five things you can do to properly maintain your poured in place rubber surface

Poured in place rubber surfaces are one of the most expensive surfaces you can install. For that reason, maintaining them properly becomes even more important. Here are seven tips that will help you keep your poured in place rubber healthy for years.

  1. Keep sharp objects away from the surface. That includes ladders and chairs with sharp legs, stiletto heels..etc.
  2. Keep the area clear of debris, grime and moss or anything that can clog the space between the EPDM granules. Powerwash the surface using a wide angle nozzle.
  3. Condition the rubber surface whenever you see granulation.
  4. Avoid using solvents in cleaning the surface. Use detergents that are appropriate for the type of dirt you are cleaning.
  5. Don't ignore small holes. They will get bigger and deeper. Use a poured rubber repair kit to fill the holes.