Why playground wear mats are important

Wear mats are rubber mats that are installed at slide exits and under swings to minimize the displacement of loose fill like Engineered wood fiber or shredded rubber. They can also be installed in the same areas in synthetic turf and poured in place rubber surfaces to minimize wear and tear to those surfaces. But overall they are more useful in loose surfaces as they can prevent the daily maintenance involved in raking the surfacing material back and avoiding holes, trip hazards and code violations. 

Playground Wear Mats

 Code violations? Yes. Slide exit heights and swing use zones are related to the safety surface height. So when you have a surface like engineered wood fiber displaced under a swing for example you are adding to the required safety zone as the height between the swinging element and the surface needs to be doubled to reach the required use zone. So one foot added through displacement becomes 4 foot of extra use zone required. 

To conclude, wear mats are not just there to help minimize maintenance, they play a bigger role in the overall playground compliance. If you still have questions about wear mats, feel free to give us a call at: 203-659-0456