5 Tell Tale signs your poured in rubber installer is no good

 poured in place installer

1)      They don’t offer any warranty

There are a lot of good and honest poured in installers out there. Unfortunately in recent years, we have also seen and heard of nightmare stories with fly-by- night installers. Any reputable poured in installer will offer anywhere from 2 to 5 years warranty on their labor. Although most defects on the rubber surface will appear in the next couple years from install, it's nice to have the peace of mind that the contractor will not leave you with expensive repairs due to their incompetence. 

2)      They try to convince you that the wear layer can be less than a half inch.

The wear layer in a poured in place system should be at least a half an inch, and thicker in high traffic areas such as slide exits and under swing sets. Unfortunately, unscrupulous installers will either try to convince you otherwise, or just install uneven thicknesses all over the place to save on rubber and polyurethane binder. Make sure you get this part in writing before you commit. 

3)      They won’t disclose where they get the binder or rubber

A good installer should be able to disclose where they source their binder and EPDM rubber granules. If they don't, they are hiding something. I.E, it's coming from China and it's subpar binder and rubber. The rule of thumb is simple: Reputable installers buy from reputable sources. 

4)      They tell you that the system is maintenance free

We hear this all the time: "I was never told that my playground rubber surface needs any maintenance". Everything needs some type of maintenance. PIP surfaces are not exempt, they need to be reconditioned every once in an while, especially when they granulate. 

5)      They downplay the importance of site prep

Site prep in my opinion is equally important if not more important than the install of the rubber surface itself . A good base will make sure the rubber will stay well drained and that it won't sag or have sink holes in the future. These problems are sometimes not easy to repair. Make sure the site prep is done properly and you will have a healthy poured in rubber installation.

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