3 reasons you should have your playground inspected

Beside the obvious reasons such as, your local authorities, licensing bodies and insurance companies, want you to have your playground inspected, here 3 good  reasons why a CPSI playground inspection is in order: 


Playground inspections.

  1. A good playground inspector will find small problems that might get bigger and more costly over time. These problems might not present a hazard to the kids immediately, so you might be discounting them. However, in the future, they could be priority 1 or 2 hazards. Example, bolts in a clamp holding a panel to a post are failing, leading to an entrapment hazard.

  2. A thorough playground inspection involves good documentation. Good documentation shows the courts that you do your part in case of litigation. There is a reason insurance companies are more frequently than before requiring their daycares and private schools to be inspected frequently. They know it's a good way to fight frivolous lawsuits. 

  3. It's plain good for business. Frequent inspections tell your clients you care about them and their kids. The message is: I take playground safety seriously. Most serious accidents don't happen in the classrooms. They happen on the playground.