What playground maintenance products and tools should I have in stock?

Some of the playground maintenance products and tools you should have handy when you operate and maintain a commercial playground are the following:

  • Hex/star key wrench with pin hole so you can tighten all the tamper proof bolts and clevises on your composite set and swings.
  • Extra age appropriate and safety stickers
  • S hook tool
  • A good rake for loose surfacing.
  • A sledge hammer to drive down stakes that tend to pop up on playground borders.
  • A sanitizer kit
  • A deck repair kit
  • A poured in repair kit (If you have a  poured in place rubber surface)
  • A synthetic turf repair kit (If you have a synthetic turf surface)
  • Touch up paint.
  • Extra bolts, nuts and washers approved by the manufacturer of your equipment.