What's the difference between the Rebinder and Extender

If you are a client of ours you know that every time you have purchased the poured in place extender from us, you would get a call from one of our certified installers asking you if you are sure that's what you want. That's because a lot of people confuse the two products, even though they accomplish two different goals. In this post, I will try my best to explain the difference between the two products:

  • Our poured in place rubber Rebinder is a conditioning agent that is rolled on a granulating playground rubber surface to stop the granulation and give the surface a longer shelf life. This is a product you would use when you notice granulation on your playground. A simple shuffle test will tell you if you need it or not. If you are able to dislodge rubber granules from your surface with a vigorous foot shuffle, you need to apply the rebinder. If you don't, you won't need it. There is no such thing as a regular scheduled rebinding. Rebinding prematurely can harden your surface. We do have two rebinder flavors. Read this article to find out which one is best for your needs. 

  • Our poured in place extender is a liquid rubber that penetrates the poured in rubber surface and completely seals it completely. It is available in10 different colors and will change the color and texture of your playground surface entirely. You are in effect moving from a granule base system to a granule-less based system. The extender is an "end of surface life" solution that is used when nothing else can help the surface. Which means the rebinder is too late to use and the surface has pervasive holes and veining. It is important to know that the extender will turn your poured surface into  non-permeable surface. Which means water will not go through it. So to use the extender effectively, your surface must have a pitch to it so water doesn't pool. You can always introduce drains in certain areas that are not use zones, or drill holes to allow water to drain. 

If after reading the above you are still not sure whether the rebinder or extender is a good fit for your rubber surface call us at 203-659-0456. Make sure you send pictures to info@trassig.com so we can take a look at your surface and advise you better.