Is it ok to add a wear layer on top of another wear layer in a poured in place surface?

One of the common questions we get is: When the wear layer of a playground poured system is beyond repair and we have to do a recap, can we add another wear layer on top of the existing one. The answer is yes, but only if the existing wear layer is too thin. Adding another half inch to a layer that already has half inch doesn't necessarily help things and can affect the impact attenuation of the system. This of course will also depend on the thickness of the base layer (The buffings layer, or the impact attenuation layer) If your base layer is one inch and you are ending up with a one inch wear layer, you are defeating the whole point. But if the base layer is 5" thick and the wear layer is an inch, you might be ok. The only way really is to do a HIC test to find out for sure. Bottom line, is ask a professional before you do anything. Give us a call at: 203-659-0456 and we'll be happy to weigh in.