What you can use poured in place kits for?

I am always surprised to hear what some customers are using are poured in place repair kits and our contractor bags/binders for. Here is what I have so far. 

  • Repair holes, gaps, and cracks in playground rubber surfaces (Obviously
  • Fill gaps between rubber tiles that have separated.
  • Fill voids under synthetic turf that has sunken becasue of drainage or substrate problems.
  • Repair Walkways and driveways made out of bonded rubber and poured in place rubber
  • Repair pool decks and pool aprons.
  • Install on fishing boats and all kinds of boats as slip resistant surface or buffers to protect the surface of the boat. 
  • Install in horse stalls.
  • Install on stairs in nursing homes.
  • Install as bed liners on trucks.
  • Install as mats in off road cars.
  • Make sculptures out of them.
  • Make 3D elements on a poured in surface.
  • Make benches out of them in toddler playgrounds.