The difference between base layer binders and wear layer binders

Base layer binders are a recent introduction to the poured in place rubber ecosystem. When I started in this business twenty years ago, there were no base layer binders. We used aromatic binder for both buffings and EPDM granules. As a matter of face, even the mixing percentages for base layer binders were different them. We used to mix at 12% concentration. We now do it at a 16% concentration. This is due to the increased dust content in buffings. This concentration of course differs with crumb rubber or different types of base layer rubber used out there. 


aromatic vs base layer binder


Base layer binder is less refined binder. It is almost black compared to the amber aromatic binder and the often clear aliphatic binder. I use base layer binder strictly as a cost cutting measure. On a 10,000 sf job at a 4 inch deep base layer, the savings are substantial. The base layer binder doesn't bind as much as other binders, you will find that out easily when you get it on your skin. It is a lot easier to remove than other binders. This means that the base layer gets more of the impact attenuation properties it deserves when using this binder. Can you use base layer binder with the wear layer? Absolutely not. Can you use it with bonded rubber at the right mixing proportions? Absolutely not. If you are not sure what binder to use please drop me a line at or call me at: 203-659-0456.