• Post Padding


Because kids don't always look ahead when they are running, Trassig makes a variety of custom safety post pads for your playgrounds, shade structures, and columns. Our post padding is made from 2 inch bacteria resistant foam encapsulated by marine grade vinyl and they close using industrial strength velcro. To get a quote from us simply send us the following:


  • Measurements of your post. If it's a circular post, we simply need the diameter. If the post is square, we need the length of one of the sides. If the post is a rectangle, we measurements of the short and long side. If the you have an irregular shaped post, take measurements of all sides and send us a couple pictures of the post as well. Download our post pad measuring guide.

  • Height of the padding you want. This will most likely depend on the age group of the kids. The average height of the post padding is 5 feet, though a lot of clients choose 4 feet for younger kids. For teenagers and young adults you might want to go for 6 or 7 feet to achieve the appropriate protection.

  • Your shipping address, so we can calculate freight and send you a complete quote. 

  • Finally, you probably do have a color option in mind. You can absolutely include it in your email, but it is not necessary at this point. Color does not affect the price with us. You can always pick the color later. 


    Available Color Options:

    • NAVY
    • ROYAL
    • ORANGE
    • FOREST
    • GRAY
    • BROWN
    • PURPLE
    • RED
    • TAN
    • GREEN
    • YELLOW
    • WHITE
    • BLACK

    To request a quote please call 203-659-0456 or email info@trassig.com.