How to use a poured in place rubber patch kit

So you have received your poured in place rubber repair patch kit. Now what?

Like anything else. Good planning is key. You have had that unsightly hole on your poured place rubber surface for a while. It has been getting bigger. Kids have been picking at it. You have finally decided to save money and patch it yourself. You received your poured in patch kit in the mail. The first thing you need to do is pick a dry day to patch. A key ingredient in the rubber patch kit is the binder. Like all polyurethane binders, ambient humidity and temperature is what cures it. Rain is really not its friend, and neither is excessive cold. So, you basically need a dry warm day to patch. We recommend temperatures over 45 degrees sustained overnight for the patch to cure well. You also need to plan to close that area of the playground off for the next 24 hours, as you don’t want anyone to touch it or walk on it.

The day you perform the patch, you need to wear clothes that you don’t care about. You might never get the glue on you, but if you do, you will wish you didn’t wear your favorite pants that day. It’s impossible to get that glue off clothes. And while you’re at it, make sure you are wearing disposable gloves throughout the patching process. It’s really not that difficult to patch poured in place rubber, but a little planning and precaution go a long way.

This short video will walk you step by step on how to patch any poured-in-rubber hole. The key is to do things in the right sequence. For example: Make sure you draw the design around the hole before you cut it. Make sure you prime the edges of the EPDM before you fill. And finally, make sure you don’t mix the binder with the granules until you are ready to trowel. The mix will start to cure the moment you mix it, and if you are working in a hot, humid day, you will have as little as 20 minutes to work with the mix. Of course, you can email us at or call us at 203-659-0456 anytime you are not sure about something or if you need some hand-holding. We’ve even face-time with clients before to show them what to do.

Happy patching.