Playgrounds for Pooches

A dog park is just the thing for families and their four-legged canine friends who want to enjoy quality playtime together. Dogs like to walk but also love to run, jump, and climb. There are approximately 1,200 dog parks in operation in the U.S.; some are just are grassy enclosures, others include agility components: tunnels, stairs, hurdles, and mounds. Indianapolis dog-park designer John Sarver says, “the best exercise for dogs is climbing, whether inclines or stairs, their hindquarters don’t get much exercise on flat-surfaces.” Dog playground safety includes equipment that does not exceed 3′ in height, is slip-resistant, and is free of openings that might snag a dog’s nail.

Dog parks help to build a sense of community not only among dogs but among people as as well. While dog parks encourage socialization among dogs, using play equipment is a collaborative effort between a dog and its owner. In addition, people are drawn to communities with dogs parks; they provide open, positive, feel-good green environments for people and dogs of all ages.

Trassig will work with you to design the perfect dog park; our amenities, from jump-throughs to tunnels to benches and shade structures will fit seamlessly into your outdoor space. Just give us a call at 203-659-0456