Geofabric in playground construction

Geo-fabric or landscape fabric plays a big role in a playground setting. It separates playground mulch from dirt and prevents weeds from growing through the safety surfacing. It also helps stabilize aggregate. However, the wrong install of geo-fabric can present problems of its own in your playground area if a few simple rules are not followed, leading to tripping hazards and loose spikes. Geofabric in playground construction is key to the overall health of the safety surfacing system.

You should avoid using narrow geo-fabric as that introduces more seams than necessary in the surface. We like to use at least 6′ wide geo-fabric. But we prefer 12′ wide heavy duty fabric. When covering the playground area, ensure that there is plenty of overlap between two fabrics and avoid using staples. We use glue to bind two fabrics, as spikes can come loose and become a hazard to the kids later on.

Another weak point for the geo-fabric is around the posts of the playground. More work has to be done in those areas to ensure that the fabric doesn’t come loose and present a tripping hazard to the kids.

Finally, only use commercial quality geo-fabric. This usually tends to be thick and rated. There are all types of geo-fabric available on the market these days. Make sure you source the ones that have a track record out there and used commercially by reputed landscapers.