Gaps in Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing

We get many service calls every year to fill gaps in poured in place rubber surfacing.  The gap usually appears after 5 years of the initial install between the poured in place rubber surface and the concrete curb adjacent to it. when the gap appears it gets bigger every year creating ADA problems and allowing for weeds to go through. (See picture below).

gaps in playground rubber surface

We are happy to fix the poured in place gaps, but for budget-conscious clients, we recommend our do it yourself poured in place repair kit. The kit ships with the binder and rubber you need to fill the poured in place gap and avoid costly repairs. You might have to prep the area by getting rid of all the weed growth and removing objects that are now stuck in the gap. You then prime the edges with the same glue you receive in the package, mix the contents, and start troweling. Besides the instructions you receive with the repair kit, we have produced a video on how to use a patch kit that can be seen here.

You might have to use a base layer patch kit for the bottom of the gap first before you use the wear layer kit. If the gap is outside the use zone of the nearest play equipment, you might be able to fill the gap just with the wear layer patch kit to save time.

The whole process takes an hour or two for 30′ to 40′ linear feet of gap. To estimate how many patch kits you need to order, you will need to measure the linear feet of the gap, figure out how many square feet you have based on the width of the gap, and divide that by 4. For example, if you have 8 square feet of gap, you will need two patch kits to complete the job. Do the same math for the base layer if you need a base layer as well. You can buy your poured in place rubber patch kits here.

The following video shows how to fix gaps in your playground rubber surface: