Damages to the Product resulting from anything other than an inherent manufacturing defect in the Product, including without limitation damage caused or contributed to by:

  • installation, erection, application or use of the Product not being in strict accordance with Trassig’s instructions, guidelines or warnings;
  • improper transport, storage or handling of the Product, or use of the Product for purposes other than that for which the Product was designed or intended;
  • any variation, alteration or modification to the Product in any way unless approved in writing by Trassig;
  • fair wear and tear, and extraordinary causes beyond fair wear and tear, including weather conditions, force majeure events and natural disasters, such as floods, lightning, hail, windstorms, tornadoes and earthquakes;
  • your use of components other than genuine Trassig parts or any work performed on the Trassig Product by companies or persons that have not been authorized by Trassig;
  • exposure of the Product to damaging substances, such as chemicals, oils or solvents, or to mechanical friction, scratching, abrasion, chipping or any other impact;
  • placing the Product near an open flame; or too close to any heat source.
  • tensioning the Product beyond its tear and tensile capabilities;     
  • any act or omission of any person other than Trassig, including misuse, neglect, accident or abuse;
  • movement or defects in the building, walls, foundation, or any other material or structure used as a base over which the Product is installed;
  • The continued use of your Product after any defect becomes apparent or would have become apparent to a reasonably prudent operator or user.
    • 2. Any variations or defects in appearance, colour or shade or defects which are of a purely aesthetic or cosmetic nature, including any surface corrosion on aluminium/steel products, or colour fading of the Product, or any deterioration in the chemical composition of the fabric of the Product for any reason including  exposure to ultra-violet rays.
    • 3. Any travel or accommodation expenses or any labour and other costs involved with the removal or repair of the defective Product, or on-site assembly or installation of the replacement Product.
    • 4. Compensation for any delay in either replacing or repairing the Product or in properly assessing a claim under your Warranty.