Our Montessori - Yorktown Heights, NY - Composite Playset & Rubber Mulch Installation

1. The Trassig Team Installing the Deck of the New Composite Playset.
2. The Composite Playset Being Installed.
3. Composite Playset Roofs Being Installed.
4. The Composite Playset Installation Nearing Completion.
5. Sandbox With Weighted Sandbox Cover Installed.
6. The Trassig Team Installing the Composite Playset.
7. The Trassig Team Installing Rubber Mulch Around the Completed Composite Playset.
8. The Completed Composite Playset and Rubber Playground Mulch Installation.
9. The Completed Playground Installation.
10. The Completed Playground Installation.
11. Pod Steppers Installed on the Playground.
12. The Complete Composite Playset Installation.