New Covenant Christian School - Bronx, NY - Poured in Place Rubber Surface & Independent Play Equipment Installation

1. Existing Playground Area with Old Play Equiment.
2. Existing Playground Area with Old Play Equipment and Cement Surface.
3. New Play Equipment Being Installed On the Playground.
4. New Independent Play Equipment Installed On Playground.
5. New Independednt Play Merry-Go-Cycle Equipment Installed On Playground.
6. New Independent Play Fun Hoop Equipment Installed On Playground.
7. Poured in Place Safety Surfacing System Base Layer Buffings Being Installed On Playground.
8. All Existing Cement Areas Covered in Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing.
9. Wear Layer Granules of the Poured in Place Surfacing System Installed On Playground.
10. Climbing Wall Installed On Playground.
11. Climbing Wall Angle 2.
12. Climbing Wall Angle 3.