James F. Farr Academy - Cambridge, MA - Synthetic Playground Turf, Composite Playset & Swingset Installation

1. Playground Turf Padding Being Installed on the Play Area.
2. Synthetic Turf Being Installed on top of Completed Turf Padding.
3. Synthetic Playground Turf Installation in Progress.
4. The Trassig Team Installing the Composite Playground Playset.
5. The First Section of the Composite Playset Installed.
6. Completed Composite Playground and Synthetic Playground Turf Installation.
7. Site Preparation Being Done for New Swingset Area.
8. New Rubber Timber Borders Installed Along Edges of Swingset Area.
9. Swingset Area Site Preparation Nearing Completion.
10. New 6-Seat Swingset with Rubber Wear Mats Installed on top of Synthetic Playground Turf.
11. New Swingset Angle 2.
12. New Swingset Angle 3.