Barlow Mountain Elementary - Ridgefield, CT - Swingset, Hip Shade & Wooden Playground Mulch Installation

1. The Existing Playground Area.
2. The Existing Playground Playset.
3. Getting the Site Prepared For Installation.
4. Laying Our the New Sandbox.
5. Filling In the New Sandbox.
6. The Trassig Team Spreading the New Wooden Playground Mulch Surfacing Materials.
7. The Completed Sandbox Area with Sail Shade.
8. The Completed Sandbox Area with Sail Shade.
9. The Trassig Team Installing the New Swingset.
10. The New Swingset Frame.
11. Installing the New Swingset.
12. Installing a Shade on the New Swingset.
13. The Completed Swingset.
14. The Completed Swingset Installation.
15. The Trassig Team Installing a New Hip Shade.
16. New Hip Shade Being Installed Over Composite Playset.
17. Completing the Hip Shade Installation.
18. Completed Hip Shade Installation.
19. Completed Installation.
20. Playground Installation Complete.