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Playground Inspections

Playground Inspection services

Playgrounds are supposed to be a place where kids can run, play, and use their imaginations, but they can pose serious risks to their safety. At Trassig, we are dedicated to making sure that hazards are minimized. The inspection is a key part of what we do to ensure safety without sacrificing the excitement and adventure of every playground we work with. Awareness of the dangers that children are exposed to has resulted in more codes and regulations for playgrounds. As an owner, supervisor, maintenance worker, or facility director, it can be difficult to make sure that both new and older equipment meets ASTM regulations. 

A playground can begin to deteriorate over time, putting children in potentially dangerous situations. To prevent this, inspections need to be a systematic part of your site maintenance to ensure that your playground is ASTM compliant. We can help manage the risk that your playground poses to your community and your organization; our team has the experience and the training to do a thorough and proper inspection of your site.  

Playground Inspection services

How a Playground Safety Inspection is Done:

  1. A playground safety inspection is scheduled with Trassig Corp.
  2. A certified playground inspector (CPSI) meets with you to go over the sites that need to be inspected.
  3. The inspector explains to you the scope of the inspection and clarifies that the inspection results can only be shared with you, the owner/operator.
  4. The playground inspector may ask for documentation pertaining to playground equipment/surfacing.
  5. The playground inspector uses gauges and probes outlined by CPSC and ASTM to inspect the playground equipment.
  6. The playground inspector takes lots of pictures of the equipment, particularly of pieces that are non-compliant.
  7. The report prioritizes all the hazards found, together with pictures showing the hazards.
  8. The playground inspector is available to answer questions or go into more details about ways to improve the playground and make it safer for the kids.


Trassig’s team of certified playground inspectors is a group of dedicated and qualified individuals with an unwavering commitment to the safety of children everywhere. Our inspectors can make sure that your playground is safe to use and still fun for the children in your community. Please let us know if you have any questions about your playground's safety or ASTM code compliance.


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