The Different Stages of Poured In Place Deterioration

Poured in place rebinder is a great way to prevent the deterioration of a poured in place rubber surface and prevent the need for repairs. If repairs are needed, however, they need to be done before the surface is reconditioned. Regular binder should not be used on an existing play surface and will lead to more damage.

The stages of deterioration are:

  1. Granulation: The binders holding the rubber granules together will begin to degrade after being exposed to UV rays which makes it easy for granules to dislodge as kids play. The amount of granulation that occurs depends on when the last time you reconditioned the surface was. You might notice granules stuck to kids skin and clothing.
  2. Cracks: At this stage, cracks will begin to form and grow until they become holes.
  3. Holes: Holes revealing the underlying base layer will develop. The exposed base layer will now be vulnerable to more damage as well.
  4. Deterioration reaches the base layer: At this stage, you will begin to find chunks of the broken base layer around the playground area.