How to Replace the Shade On Your Playground

Over time, the fabric of a shade structure will begin to show signs of wear and tear after being exposed to various weather conditions. It is important to replace it when it becomes too worn to ensure that your playground or recreation area has the weather protection that it needs. Even though shade structures are large and somewhat imposing, replacing the shade is a simple process.

  1. Remove the old shade. It will be attached to the supporting structure by a hook on each corner. Remove the end caps to loosen the hooks and just pull the shade off the structure.
  2. Knot a piece of rope to each of the corners of the new shade.
  3. Toss the rope over the supporting structure and use it to pull the shade into place. Pull the corners into place over the hooks and then untie the rope. Repeat this step for each corner.
  4. Tie the ropes of the undone corners to the supporting structure as you work to keep the shade in place.
  5. Adjust the placement of the hook as needed.
  6. Feed wire through the edges of the shade and adjust the hooks to tighten the shade over the supporting structure. Lock the loop created by the wire in place.
  7. Replace the end caps.