How To Fix Sunken Synthetic Turf

Sunken turf is a common problem that appears when the layer of stone aggregate underneath the turf shits, leaving holes in the layer beneath the surfacing. This is also a relatively simple problem to fix that will help maintain playground safety. We do not recommend simply applying more stone to the area, as that allows for the problem to repeat itself, which is why we have developed the Turf repair kit.

  1. Cut through the turf surface and pull the newly cut edges back to make a hole over the problem area. Cut the mat out from underneath the turf that you have pulled back and remove any debris.
  2. Mix the materials in the repair kit together.
  3. Apply the mixed material to the cleared area and use a trowel to spread the patch evenly.
  4. Use the trowel to smooth the top of the repair materials and keep the trowel lubricated with soapy water.
  5. Measure the area you have filled and cut a piece of seaming tape accordingly. Place the cut tape in the area.
  6. Pour turf glue over the tape and spread evenly over the area with a paintbrush.
  7. Fold the turf over back over the repair. Make sure that all of the tape and glue is covered by the turf surface.
  8. Allow the area to cure for 24 hours.