What do I need to know about commercial swings?

Swings are a great play activity. The sensation that a swing offers to a child is unique to that piece of play equipment. Beside being fun, research has shown that the swinging action promotes the sense of balance in the child. If you are planning to add a commercial swing to your playground? Consider the following in your planning.

– Place the swing away from other play equipment and away from entry and exit points in the playground.

– Swings need a large use zone. (area that is free of other equipment and obstacles and is covered by safety surfacing). To calculate the use zone of a swing, measure from the bottom of the horizontal beam to the surfacing underneath it and double that distance in front of the beam and to the back of it. Then you will need to add 6′ on each side of the swing. Most commercial swings are 8′ high, and 12′ wide which means the use zone is 32′ by 24′.

– You cannot have more than two seats in any one bay in a commercial swing. And you cannot mix a bucket seat with a belt seat in one bay. You can do that in a T-swing. That’s a swing with the post in-between the two seats.

– If you have loose fill in the use zone of the swing (eg: engineered wood fiber or rubber mulch) it is recommended you use a wear mat to limit the displacement of the surfacing material.

– The swing frame should not be designed in a way that encourages climbing.