Playground Rubber Flooring Repair

Poured in place rubber is a great surfacing choice if you have the budget for it.  It is truly ADA compliant. It's colorful. It can incorporate the school logos and mascot colors. In certain landscapes, it can be shaped around hills and tunnels to create a whimsical play environment. Now here is the catch with PIP, at its core it is EPDM granules mixed with a binder and troweled down flat. The binders when exposed to UV rays lose their strength over time  and with that they lose their binding agents causing the granules to come loose creating cracks and then holes in high traffic areas.

When you see a large crack or hole in your playground rubber surface what do you do? Your first instinct is to call the contractor that first installed the poured in rubber system. You might get a few surprises with the first phone call. One of them is the fact that if you haven't sealed your poured in rubber, the warranty is voided. The other one is the fact that it is not as easy to get an install crew to repair just a few holes. 

Poured in place rubber repair kits are a great alternative to the absence of poured in contractors. They are formulated with easy mixing and take out the guesswork entailed in how much binder to use with the quantity of rubber granules. Without matching the two it is easier to add too much glue, which will harden the surface, or not using too much glue, which will leave the system weak.