Playground installation checklist

We often get asked what you need to know before your playground get installed. So here is a checklist that will help you ensure that the playground installation process is as smooth as possible. This list applies to installs being done by a contractor. We will be publishing another list for community installs.

  • Discuss the install dates with the playground contractor way in advance. Pick dates that coincide with other school closings for example to minimize down time.
  • Make sure you have secured all the permits (if you need permits)
  • Have you secured all the insurance certificates from the vendor?
  • Make sure you there are no underground utility lines or pipes (Call before you dig)
  • Ensure that the contractor has access to water, electricity and toilets. If there is no access, then arrangements for generators, portable water, and portable toilets have to be made.
  • Talk to parents and other park visitors about the upcoming projects and post signs if needed.
  • Have a plan for the construction process. How are you keeping the construction site safe? access for trucks.. etc.
  • If there is any site prep involved. Where will all the excess stuff going? where is it being stored until it gets hauled off?
  • Where will the garbage generated through the installation process going?
  • Is the place left clean after the install? Are there sharp objects lying around the site?
  • Is the safety surfacing being installed right after the playground set? and if not? how do you ensure kids are not playing on the playground without the appropriate surfacing?
  • Do you have all the age appropriate and surfacing warning stickers for that playground set?
  • Do you have contingencies for bad weather?
  • Is the site safe to leave equipment throughout the install?