How to repair playground decks

Metal playground decks are covered with a vinyl coat to protect the metal from corrosion, create a non-skid surface as well as keep the surface cooler under the sun. The coating typically does its job for years, but unfortunately is not immune to cracks and vandalism. When that happens, the metal is exposed and becomes vulnerable to rust. The cuts and tears in the vinyl coating itself become sharp and present a shear hazard to our kids. Repairing those decks become a priority.

Often times, the damage to the playground deck is painted, caulked, and sprayed with off-the-shelf plastisol products. In our experience, those solutions rarely work, and when they do, don’t last that long. The only way to repair the deck, shy of replacing the whole thing is to use a product specifically formulated for playground vinyl coating. We have used many commercial products. The only one we recommend is our own deck repair patch kit made specifically for playgrounds. You can get it here.

The product is air activated. Which means that it doesn’t need to be torched to bond to the existing deck coating. It comes in 1 Quart containers with one-time application. It also comes in several colors to match the most popular playground decks out there (Blue, Brown, Beige, Red, Grey, and Black). We can make custom colors for you as well. Just give us a call.

Follow these steps to repair your playground deck:

  • Create a clean cut around the crack or the hole
  • Clean up the area with mineral spirits and cloth
  • Make sure the area is completely dry
  • Apply the patch with a putty knife
  • Let the patch cure for a couple of hours.