Holes Or Cracks In Your Poured in Place Rubber Surface?

Our Do-it-yourself patch kits are the easiest solution to PIP rubber surfacing damage.

   Poured In Place Rubber Surfacing Layers



Each kit comes with a perfect ratio of pre-measured rubber granules and the binder used to glue them together.

There are two layers in every Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing System, the Base Layer (Impact attenuation layer) which consists of black SBR buffings, and the Wear Layer which consists of EPDM granules in your choice of color.


Our Patch Kits come in two sizes:
  1. Standard - Will repair approximately 5 square feet of surface (10lbs of rubber + 2lbs of binder)
  2. Jumbo - Will repair approximately 20 square feet of surface (40lbs of rubber + 8.39lbs of binder)

If you are a contractor with experience installing poured in place rubber, our selection of bulk bags are the most cost-effective solution for large repairs.

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